Ivan is currently employed in a big pharmaceutical company based in New York. For all these years, he has been dating many women and yet he still finds these women not really interesting. One day, he went to his office and he felt he was so bored that he thought he really lacks inspiration. Not until a co-worker who had a very good friend with him appeared asking how he is. This co-worker has been observing Ivan’s body language and facial expression lately and thinks the latter is probably experiencing a depression. This is what actually moved her to be so concerned about Ivan. She tried to comfort him. As soon as the woman left, Ivan realized that he really has this special admiration for the lady. Now, Ivan asks, Can I date my co-worker?

I am positive it is okay to date a co-worker. However, in these recent times, with the amount of press time that sexual harassment receives, employers and employees alike have become extremely concerned with avoiding actions that may subject them to this legal sanctions. It seems like they have forgotten that, at times, it is not illegal to ask a co-worker out on a date. They had become decidedly uncomfortable with the idea. Worse, some employers had also become so concerned that they created rules concerning dating in the workplace. Now if you are considering the idea of dating a co-worker just like Ivan this case, here are some tips may bear in mind.

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First, try to know if there is a company policy on this and if there is, they know what the policy says. Second, avoid trying to repeatedly ask out the same co-worker for a date. If she refuses during your first offer, then you may stop there. She may not be playing hard to get. It may happen that she does not feel like dating with you and that this may lead to sexual harassment. Next, try to establish a good office relationship with the co-worker you want to date. Trying to get to know her more as a co-worker will surely help you determine if you really want to have a relationship with her. Also, try to think realistic. One problem that may arise is that if the relationship later on ends, it may make the two of you uncomfortable working each other. In addition, one very important note to remember is that you must never flirt with her at work. Talk with each other about how to behave at work. Finally, try to establish a line between work-related matters and those of the relationship. The two must not affect each other.

I assure you, many successful partners now had started from being co-workers. You only have to remember some of these rules in order to be productive both in your workplace and in your romantic relationship. If you have a similar case with Ivan, then this idea may go smoothly for you so long as you bind yourself with these rules.

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